Learning with Lucy

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Learning with Lucy

Using cannabis and hemp can be confusing

Don’t you wish you had a little bird on your shoulder chirping sweet guidance into your ear? Let Lucy be your lifeline to help you make the right decision for yourself the first time. Pick from one of the options below:

Calls can be done in either English or Spanish.


General Request for Information, FREE 10-Minute Cannabis Clarity Call:


Cannabis Q&A Calls

This is a great choice for clients that have simple, straightforward questions about using cannabis or hemp. Think of this as your lifeline call when you are looking for assistance in finding an option that works best for you in three easy steps.

First, we will send out an intake form for you to complete before our first call. Lucy will then prepare your itinerary for your cannabis or hemp journey that is tailored to your needs and based on what is available in your geographic area.

We will schedule a 30-minute call to review the options and go over any questions you might have. After our call, you will be able to walk into your local dispensary or CBD store and make your purchases with confidence.

Once you have had an opportunity to try the products, we schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to check on the progress you’ve made on your journey to take control of your healing.

$55 for two 30 minute calls


Chatting with Lucy Calls:

Ever wondered what is a concentrate like live rosin and how to use it? Or have you had your eye on a particular gadget, but you weren’t sure if you were getting in over your head? Sometimes you just want a friend to talk things through and get an informed opinion on your favorite topics: cannabis and hemp! This is an option for clients that already have a basic knowledge but want to be able to talk to someone that has a deeper understanding of the plant, the methods of use, and the variety of machines and contraptions that can be mind-boggling. We will send out an intake form for you to complete before scheduling our 45 minute call. Bring your questions because Lucy has the answers!

$50 for one 45 minute call


Learning with Lucy Packages:

Our Learning with Lucy packages are perfect for anyone looking to take control of their healing with the help of a guiding hand. Although you can get a question or two answered with a Cannabis Q&A Call, it is best to start a monthly regimen in order to get the full-benefits of using cannabis and hemp. Learning with Lucy is structured to help answer questions, demystify the various uses, and provide a space to learn how cannabis and hemp works best for you. Each package is a combination of all of our calls in a structured format that is tailored to your goals and needs. Pick from one of the following:

Each Cannabis Q&A Call is a three-part series that begins with your intake form where you highlight your health goal and needs. Lucy will then prepare your itinerary for your cannabis (or hemp) journey and review the tailored plan with you during a 30-minute call. We then schedule a 30-minute follow-up appointment to go over how the products worked and what course-corrections we need to take to make the journey a more effective and pleasant one.

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Free Gift: Understanding Terpenes & How They Work With Your Body

Download this free guide to get the inside scoop into terpenes and how they work to provide you consistent relief and receive other helpful cannabis and hemp healing tips via email.