Gen X and the awkward conversation it didn’t know it needed.

Gen X talking to parents about CBD

Lucy, do I talk to my parents about cannabis? Dear Gen X: Have you started to notice your parents feeling the stress of almost a year of living in a pandemic? Maybe they’re snapping a little on the family Zoom calls. Have their weekly texts become nothing more than weekly gripes? Has your dad stopped…

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A Deeper Dive Into CBD: Our Endocannabinoid System

You’ve seen it in the news. You may even have seen it for sale at your grocery store. But what is CBD? And why take it?  Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the new cannabinoid in town, and is making a name for itself as a natural way to treat pain and inflammation. But what are cannabinoids…

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Welcome to Cannabis Healing

Updated: May 4 Hello and welcome to Cannabis Healing, your safe place to learn more about cannabis and hemp. After many years educating and advising patients and friends on the benefits of cannabis, I decided to create this website to share my knowledge with others. Here you will learn about the many benefits of cannabis and…

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