Hi! I'm Lucy

I’m on a mission to provide information and products that help cannabis and hemp
patients take control of their healing.


Hi, I'm Lucy

I’m on a mission to provide information and products that help cannabis and hemp patients take control of their healing.

20+ Years in the Cannabis Space

2017 National Cannabis Festival Cannatank Winner

Educated Thousands of Medical Cannabis Users


Want To Take Control Of Your Healing But Cannabis Confusion Keeps You From Getting Started?

Many of our clients find the information on cannabis and hemp treatments is either overwhelming or poorly researched. They end up wasting time and money on products that don’t help. When they first come to Cannabis Healing, they complain about not knowing what to buy. The market is saturated with poor-quality cannabis and hemp, or worse, products that contain nothing at all. This frustrates me so much!

It frustrates me because people are often taking chances and risks to try out cannabis and hemp, whether it is overcoming the stigma or their own apprehensions. Then they’re left not knowing where to start, so they buy the first thing they see without realizing they might not be getting a genuine product. To top it off, this isn’t covered by insurance so people are taking their hard-earned income and spending it on items that might not even contain anything. So what happens? They walk away from the opportunity to truly help themselves because whatever they got their hands on doesn’t work.  They might:

  1. Be scared to try it
  2. Unsure of where to get it
  3. Get it and it doesn’t work
  4. Walk away feeling like it’s a hoax or that it just doesn’t work for them
  5. Have a negative experience and then continue to suffer with their issues, and on top of that they have wasted precious time and money

They feel scared trying new strains they know nothing about and confused by the different methods of use. How is anyone supposed to figure out what works best for them? On top of that, because cannabis is still a taboo topic in many areas, they don’t feel comfortable asking for help.

Patients also struggle to get a consistent product that will provide results they can count on time after time. With flower and concentrates there can be a significant difference between each harvest. What worked last time might not work this time.

Imagine spending day after day and paycheck after paycheck trying remedies that do nothing. Talk about frustrating! Nobody wants that -- especially patients who are already dealing with negative symptoms from their ailment.

I’m on a mission to make this journey easier for you...

I help make cannabis confusion disappear with reliable information you can trust at you fingertips.

My goal is to give you the peace of mind to make wise choices for yourself and your healing. My journey started as a personal need. I wanted an ability to medicate in a way that wasn’t obvious to other people. A friend had given me a lozenge to try but edibles were not available where I lived. So I started experimenting with different recipes I could find online.

I wanted my ingredients to be more natural than just flavored “jello.” I was telling my family members about how I was making lozenges and educating them about cannabis when my mom mentioned that there may be a lozenge recipe in my Grandma’s cookbook.

My family has ties to the first homeopathic pharmacy in Lima, Peru and this lozenge recipe has been passed down through the last 200 years.

The recipe was REALLY intense; eucalyptus, ginger, lemon, mint, and a hint of honey. I tried making them and the fragrance alone was too much to take. It made sense though because this recipe was before antibiotics even existed, and they were trying to kill things, like strep throat, with a lozenge.

After months of failed attempts and countless experiments, I finally created a Lemon Eucalyptus combination that was effective and delicious. Since then I’ve created additional flavors, like raspberry, orange, peppermint, and lime.

grandma teenage

I was working at a dispensary during this time. At the dispensary, we’d encourage people to jot down in a journal the effectiveness of the particular strain of cannabis they were trying, both good and bad. Instead, patients would come in with notes scribbled on scraps of paper or written on the empty cannabis packaging. They would say things like, “this worked for me before,” or “this made me sleepy or too hungry.”

We didn’t have enough information to be able to really help them because they weren’t writing down the full effects of what was happening. When we asked them questions they wouldn’t always remember.

The My Chronicles Journal was a direct result of my interactions with medical cannabis patients at the dispensary. We would encourage people to create a journal to help them track what they were using, how they were using it, and the effects it had on their bodies. I’ve made several revisions based on feedback from trusted patients at the dispensary. The final version of the My Chronicles Journal is now ready for you, in our store.

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From “Stoner” to “Ganja Geek”

I’ve been the source of knowledge and wisdom for my friends for years.

I was once known as “the stoner” and now I’m the person they seek for advice to treat anything from their pets, parents, children, and themselves. When I was at the dispensary, waiting for my license to go through, I spent 7 months researching different strains and methods. (I wasn’t allowed on the floor until I had my license.) I also started attending both science and networking based cannabis conferences throughout the United States. I couldn’t get enough of it. Meeting people who understood it, who could teach me more, and who I could teach, fueled my excitement. I couldn't wait to take this information and help others.

Because the stigma is slowly fading away, media outlets are now talking about the benefits of cannabis. That’s made it easier to share that information without being censored. Unfortunately, some platforms are still censoring, making it even harder for patients to find dependable, easy-to-understand information.

I’ve created this website to be a reliable source to get the information you need to make the most of your cannabis journey towards health and happiness. If you are seeking more information or a guiding hand to help, schedule a private consultation with me through the link below.

Follow the 3 Steps to Clear Your Confusion and Create a Plan to a Healthier You!

Step #1

Schedule a call and tell me a bit about your situation and your goals.

Step #2

We’ll talk about what’s going on and create a tailored plan to solve your challenges.

Step #3

We’ll implement your “Cannabis and Hemp Healing Plan” and help you reach your health goals.

Hi! I'm Lucy ...

I started my career in environmental law because I wanted to help people and stay connected with nature. It felt good to know I was working to make the world a better place.

When I became a medical cannabis patient in 2015, I started working at a local dispensary on the weekends. I absolutely loved connecting with patients and watching them gain more confidence in their selections as I explained to them the differences between strains and which ones to try based on their needs. It made my day when they would come in the following week to thank me for the advice and to learn more. I saw them becoming healthier week after week, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

I started to feel like I was actually making a difference in so many people’s lives and it felt amazing. You see, I went into environmental law not to make money, but because it felt good to know I was helping communities by helping to protect our world for present and future generations. But working with cannabis and hemp patients gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling times 1,000. Connecting with individuals and making a difference in their lives gave me a sense of purpose because I know I am contributing back to our world.

When the opportunity came up to work full-time in the industry, I jumped at the shot. I left my job at a prominent national environmental non-profit and started working at dispensaries. But I quickly realized that I could do more for cannabis and hemp patients outside those four walls of the store.

That is when I decided to create Cannabis Healing, a place for people to come and learn about cannabis and hemp, a place with reliable and trustworthy CBD products, a place where patients could go to take control of their healing.


Why Journal:

I found our staff constantly telling patients to “keep a notebook” or “save the labels” for strains and products that worked for them. I can’t tell you how many times patients came in with half torn labels, or scribbled writings in a notebook or dispensary receipts. I noticed a trend: patients wanted to keep track but didn’t know what to write. What was important? What would help guide them?


Why Lozenges:

  • Personal need to medicate
  • 200-Year old family lozenge recipe
  • Fulfill family legacy to help others with natural remedies
  • 2017 Cannatank Winner
marisa chair

What makes Lucy different from other leaders?

  • Attorney

    Skilled in research and analytical thought so I can research the newest trends in the cannabis industry

  • Public Speaker

    Experience in providing complicated information in a way that is easy to understand and relatable

  • Cannabis Expert

    Over two decades working in the cannabis space

  • Cannabis Patient

    Over twenty years of using cannabis, with over five years as a medical cannabis patient

  • Developed Cannabis Courses

    To help dispensary employees recognize their own talents and discover how they can leverage them to build a career in the cannabis industry

  • Lobbyist and Policy Analyst

    At both federal and state legislatures in environmental law and cannabis policy

  • Training

    Help new dispensary employees understand the different strains, categories, and how they impact patients as well as how to recommend products that will provide the best effects

Customer Reviews

I had been wanting to try cannabis to see how it could help me, but I was having a tough time keeping track of what worked. My Chronicles has an easy-to-use layout that allows me to track my progress based on strain and method. I really like the List of Favorite Purchases--it lets me show the dispensary what I like without having to share all my journal entries.

Amanda Butler

I love the way Lucy suggests new things she knows I’ll love. She knows my profile. We’ve always gone through what works and what doesn’t. My Learning with Lucy package included a digital version of My Chronicles and it’s worked great for me. I can see exactly what has helped in the past and save time at the dispensary. Thanks Lucy!

Steve Sanchez